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Cashman Roof and Rail offers a range of free-standing and fixed handrail and guardrail edge protection systems for restored and new roofs, available in galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Call now to discuss your requirements!

Cutting-Edge Design

Designing the perfect solution to guarantee height safety can be a difficult task, especially in challenging applications, and can often require a creative approach.

Our design process draws on our vast experience in roof safety products and attention is always paid to ensure innovation, aesthetics, functionality and practicality to create an intelligent, workable solution for roof restorations and new roofs.

With years of experience and access to a selection of quality materials and finishes, our design team at Cashman Roof and Rail can meet the requirements of even the most demanding applications.

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Roof Edge Protection Melbourne

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Optimal Roof Edge Protection

It could be argued that no two roofs are truly the same. They may share similar characteristics, but their size, environment and building application will ultimately determine which protection solution is most suitable.

There are actually many different types of edge protection on the market, and all are designed to meet the specific standards of safety and performance for both flat and inclined surfaces.

The most common solutions you will find include net barrier systems, tubular guardrail solutions and screen protection systems. Bearing in mind their benefits and limitations, it is important that you choose the most appropriate edge protection for each individual project, whether a restored roof or a new one, which is where we come in at Cashman Roof and Rail!

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